Yateley Easter Bunny Trail 2021

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Trail Information

The Yateley Easter Bunny Trail runs from Thursday 1st April 2021 until Friday 16th April 2021.
You can join in, trying to find the Easter Bunny and his friends around Yateley!
Below you'll find:
  • A bit of general information about the Yateley Easter Bunny Trail
  • A map of Yateley
  • A map of Frogmore/Darby Green
  • A table with the 23 houses taking part - the addresses, corresponding numbers from the maps and a clue for each location to find the Easter Bunny
The picture maps give a rough idea of where each house is located in the town, but the Google map and the table with addresses give you the specific address for each house taking part and its related clue. So you may want to use the address and postcode in the maps on your phone/Sat Nav etc to find the exact locations.
With 23 houses, this is one of our smaller trails, but hopefully, you will still be able to spread it out over the course of a few days. Or you can just pick a selection of houses to visit. It's as flexible as you want to make it.
There isn't a specific route, although houses are numbered and I have tried to group them together based on where they are located.
There's no official prize at the end, but if you would like to turn it into more of an Easter Egg Hunt, you could take some little chocolate eggs/sweets with you and give your child (or yourself!) one every time they spot the Easter Bunny.
There aren't really any rules as such, apart from obviously sticking to Government Covid guidelines of the rule of 6 or 2 Households, social distancing etc. We would also like to remind you to respect the households taking part by staying on the public footpath/pavement when viewing each location, please. In previous trails, we have had some issues with people disturbing households by going right into their gardens/up to their windows, so please could you avoid doing this unless invited by the homeowner.
Please do share any photos you take throughout the trail of you and your families taking part, as it would be lovely to see who is getting involved.
I think that is all the information I need to give you, but if you have any questions throughout the trail, please let us know in the Facebook group!
yateley easter trail 2021

Trail List

yateley easter bunny trail 2021

Trail Maps