The Big Yateley Christmas Trail 2021

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yateley christmas trail 2021

Trail Information

The Big Yateley Christmas Trail runs from Saturday 18th December 2021 until Sunday 2nd January 2022.

Below you'll find:

  • A bit of general information about The Big Yateley Christmas Trail
  • A map of Yateley
  • A map of Frogmore & Darby Green
  • A list of the 41 houses taking part - the addresses, details about the decorations and also a quiz question for each house
  • A sheet with the quiz answers on, in case you get stuck!

There are a couple of houses I haven't had all the information from yet, but I've included them on the list as I know they are planning to decorate. It will just be a surprise when you get there!

You can either print these out so you have paper copies to take around with you, or just look at them on your phone - whatever works best for you.

The picture maps below give a rough idea of where each house is located in the town. The Google map is more accurate, but the table with addresses gives you the specific address for each house taking part and its related question. So you may want to use the address and postcode in the maps on your phone/satnav etc. to find the exact locations.

Some parts of the address list are highlighted in different colours, which mean the following:

  • Red: The house will have some sort of flashing lights so may not be suitable for some who have medical conditions triggered by these
  • Green: Decorations can be enjoyed in daylight

With 41 houses, you will probably struggle to do the whole trail in one day, so feel free to spread it out over the course of the next few weeks or just pick a selection of houses to visit. It's as flexible as you want to make it. There isn't a specific route, although houses are numbered and I have tried to group them together based on where they are located.

We're really excited to have some local businesses and public buildings taking part this year too, so please do support these places if you visit them by popping in and saying hello.

There's no official prize at the end, but some people have suggested that they might give their children a sweet/treat for each question they get right, so that option is there if you fancy doing that.

There are also a couple of questions that we will reveal the answer to at the end of the trail (Peaky Bakers and Yateley Library) to see who managed to guess correctly.

I am hoping to share photos of as many of the houses/buildings as possible so that those who can't get out at the moment can still enjoy the trail. We will share these on the Facebook group.

There aren't really any rules as such, apart from obviously sticking to current Government Covid guidelines (whatever they might be on each day!).

Please do share any photos you take throughout the week of you and your families taking part, as it would be lovely to see who is getting involved.

We are also supporting 35 Home Park Road by raising money for three local causes. These are:

  • Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice
  • Happy Hedgehog Rescue
  • Yateley Community Pre-School

You can help us and them by donating in one of the following ways:

  • Collect up your loose change and put it in their mini house at the end of the driveway or in their wishing well. Emptied very regularly and covered by CCTV.
  • Use their contactless card machine at the end of the driveway. It’s automatically set for a £5 donation. Wish to donate any more? Simply tap it again. They accept all credit and debit cards including Apple Pay, Visa, MasterCard and many more.
  • Donate online at their Go Fund Me page

I think that is all the information I need to give you, but if you have any questions throughout the weeks, please let me know via the Facebook group!

We really hope you enjoy the trail,

Jenny & Hope

Yateley House Trails

Trail Maps

map of yateley
Map of Yateley
frogmore map
Map of Frogmore & Darby Green

Trail List

yateley christmas trail 2021
Yateley Christmas Trail 2021
Yateley Christmas Trail 2021
Yateley Christmas Trail 2021
Yateley Christmas Trail 2021
Yateley Christmas Trail 2021
Yateley Christmas Trail 2021