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Did You Know?

91% of searches are completed on Google
41% of clicks go to the top 3 paid ads on a Google search results page
75% never scroll past the first page of search results

What are Google Local Services Ads?

Google re-launched Local Services Ads in the UK in 2021. They are designed specifically to connect home service providers with customers looking for a local business.

  • Get seen at the top of Google
  • Connect with customers who are searching for your services
  • Communicate with customers at any time using a specific mobile app
  • Build trust by becoming Google Guaranteed or Google Screened

Local Service Ads run separately from traditional Google Ads, and come loaded with a local focus. Another key advantage is their affordability. Because of their relative simplicity, a smaller monthly budget can go much further.

Psst... if you're interested in Local Service Ads, you'd benefit from our Google Business Profile management service. Starting from £50 a month, you can keep your GBP profile in tip-top shape and optimised to win local customers.

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Is it Right For You?

Google only re-introduced Local Services Ads back into the UK in 2021; there are still a few nuances with the setup and availability.

The ads are available across most of the UK but only for certain types of business. Originally the list was emergency-type businesses, e.g. locksmiths and plumbers, but the list has grown gradually and now includes most home services and trades.

To be approved to advertise, you'll normally need to provide proof of public liability insurance, and registration of your business, e.g. companies house or HMRC. You'll probably also need at least one 5-star review on your Google Business Profile (some business types require five or more reviews).


Where Do We Offer Google Local Services Ads?

We live and work in beautiful Hampshire; our position in Yateley also happens to be minutes from the border of Surrey and Berkshire, so we have lots of customers in these three wonderful counties.

You don't need to be around the corner, though! Nearly all our marketing services work just as well remotely as they do in-person, so we help businesses throughout the entire UK!

Opening Hours

These are our standard opening hours; we know they don't always fit the life of a small business owner. If you'd like a chat out of hours, drop us a message and we'll work something out.

  • Monday to Friday: 09:00 - 17:00
  • Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED

How Much are Google Local Services Ads?

We know how important budgeting is for most small businesses.

Before we get going, we also like to spend a bit of time understanding your objectives, problems, and requirements. Marketing is a complex beast, and it's easy to jump to conclusions when analysing your own setup. Don't be surprised if we recommend trying something you hadn't thought of!

We charge a one-off fee of £200 to get you set up. After setup, we charge you a monthly fee of £100 to manage & optimise your ad, plus an advertising spend of your choice (we recommend an ad spend of at least £50 a week to make it worthwhile).


How Else Can We Help?

We don’t just set up effective Google Local Services Ads, we have many talents! We've got solutions to virtually all your marketing problems. Perhaps you want to run other types of Google Ad, or you need help branding or with social media advertising? Whatever it is, let's grow together.

Check out all of our services here.

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