Email Marketing

Acquire & retain more customers with perfectly crafted emails

Did You Know?

64% of small businesses use email marketing to reach customers
99% of email users check their inbox every day
59% of millennials primarily use their smartphone to check email

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a powerful tool that small businesses can use to acquire, engage, and retain customers. Email can be used to build relationships with leads, convert prospects, and ensure existing customers have a great experience. There are many types of email that you will recognise from your own inbox, most notably:

  • Welcome series
  • Newsletters
  • Acquisition/cold
  • Retention/nurture
  • Promotional

Whatever you want to achieve with email marketing, we will create engaging, well-targeted emails that are optimised for delivery and open rate, ensuring you get the most from each opportunity. We can send the emails for you or write emails for you to send yourself.

TOP TIP! Our email marketing service goes well with our branding service and copywriting service for businesses looking for a consistent tone of voice across all of their assets.

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Is it Right For You?

If you have a customer list, with email addresses then you should be making the most of this by sending nurture emails including information about new products/services and special offers. In the main, It is much cheaper to retain/upsell an existing customer than to acquire a new one.

Cold/acquisition emails work well as part of a marketing strategy when you have a distinct target market which means you can hone in on them. Acquisition emails often work better for B2B companies (ie. you sell your product or service to another business, not consumers).

Unlike some traditional direct marketing, emails are trackable so you know how successful they are, no more hit and hope!


Where Do We Offer Email Marketing?

We live and work in beautiful Hampshire; our position in Yateley also happens to be minutes from the border of Surrey and Berkshire, so we have lots of customers in these three wonderful counties.

You don't need to be around the corner, though! Nearly all our marketing services work just as well remotely as they do in-person, so we help businesses throughout the entire UK!

Opening Hours

These are our standard opening hours; we know they don't always fit the life of a small business owner. If you'd like a chat out of hours, drop us a message and we'll work something out.

  • Monday to Friday: 09:00 - 17:00
  • Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED

How Much is Email Marketing?

We know how important budgeting is for most small businesses. No two customers are the same, and that's reflected in our pricing. Packages are tailor-made to match your needs so that you get the most bang for your marketing buck.

Before we get going, we like to spend a bit of time understanding your objectives, problems, and requirements. Marketing is a complex beast, and it's easy to jump to conclusions when analysing your own setup. Don't be surprised if we recommend trying something you hadn't thought of!

As a guide, creating one email starts from £50, and there are discounts based on the number of emails that we create for you.


How Else Can We Help?

We don’t just do SEO, we have many talents! We can help you with all your marketing challenges; from branding to web design and Google Ads, we can help your business grow.

Check out all of our services here.

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