Your Personal Information

Our privacy commitment to you is simple: we only store the personal information (commonly your name, phone number, and email address) that you give to us in order to contact you regarding your enquiry, and in order to provide the service you contract us to provide. We won’t use it for any other purpose.

Hopefully, it goes without saying that your data will, therefore, never be sold to a third party.

Website Cookies

We use cookies to keep this website running; it wouldn’t function without them.

Cookies are small files created by your internet browser, using instructions from the underlying code of the website you’re viewing. Cookies can contain letters and/or numbers; sometimes they might, therefore, contain whole words.

Cookies are mostly great, too. Using the numbers and letters they contain, they do all sorts of useful things you might not have realised. They keep you logged-in to sites, they remember your preferences, and they store your shopping bag contents.

In addition to basic website maintenance, we use various tools, e.g. Google Analytics, to help us understand how people use this website. We also use tools to track the success of our online advertising, predominantly via Google Ads and Facebook.

These tools create and update cookies as you visit pages within the site.

It’s important you know that we can’t control what cookies are created by sites you visit before/after Each site is responsible for its own cookies; that’s a large part of how the internet works.

If you aren’t happy with our cookies, the best thing you can do is leave and delete the related cookies. The ICO, the UK’s privacy regulator, has a great page the tells you more about cookies and how to delete them.